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Privacy Policy Updated June 20, 2020

For questions about Privacy please call 301-850-2606.

We collect personal information that you provide to us such as name, address, contact information, passwords, security and payment information.  

IP address or browser or data may be collected from this website as well as which pages are visited, including referring websites.

Cookies or similar browsing mechanisms might be employed to ensure the best view experience, for marketing purposes, or to otherwise conduct business. 

Your information is generally not shared with other parties unless required by law or to prevent fraud or illegal activities. 

We use Google Maps or similar service to provide you with the best user experience, and by using Google Maps, you agree to abide by Google’s Terms of Use.

Information collected may be kept or logged by the website.

Information is not sought from minors and by using this website you agree and confirm that you are 18 or older. 

If you do not accept or agree with this Privacy Policy you may discontinue use of this website at any time. 

This Privacy Policy may be updated or changed to keep pace with new law or updated technology. 

For written inquiries about this policy contact:   Michael Gray, MDJD,  PO Box 5355, Annapolis, MD  21403. 

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